Branding / Web Design / Photography


Marvelin, A sailing club from the Antilles asks us a facelift for its corporate identity and a redesign for the web. Looking to simplify the content of its current page and highlight the product: incredible hiking able to put yourself in paradise. You may think: “how is it this wasn´t something that sells iself ?!”. The trick was how to communicate.


Corporate identity is based on two characteristic elements of this sailing club: the Caribbean Sea and the Cuban flag. A balance is sought.

A comprehensive study of the means by sailing the yacht “Peregrina” (the flagship of the company) gives us the keys to realice that the new website should focus their content in images that describe places and experiences. A storytelling by which we know the sailboat, their environment and the activities to discover, with photographic preciousness and texts that evoke the adventure unfolds.

Result: irresistible.




“Writing for Marvelin has been an experience of rediscovery and love for the wilderness. It may sound easy, as it is a very seductive project because of its characteristics . But it was a challenge to find valid words to complement such stunning images. With each line I wrote, I felt myself to be the reader; with each description, I wanted to be part of that experience.”

Fernando Marchione – Buencom Copywrighter