Corporate Identity / Web Design / Photography / Vídeo


An agency dedicated for years to solve people´s lives in bureaucratic issues, ask us to update the look of the website. Projecting concepts such as closeness, trust, professionalism … but also giving the feeling that it can be attractive and appealing to enter the world of discouraging procedures. We know, it sounds like mission impossible.But we made it.


The answer was to give more importance to its human capital, which is achieved with photos of their faces. Infallible: a well grounded work gets you to see a cold manager as one of your best friends. Buencom worked on photo and video sessions, in several languages, in addition to the page restructuration.

Logo agencia de viajes Vispaniu
Logo agencia de viajes Vispaniu
Logo agencia de viajes Vispaniu


“Fiscprat is a project that gave us the opportunity to work in an area that normally transmits an image of seriousness. As consultants we are communication was very fluid which was reflected in the final work.”

Luis Sabaté – Buencom Account Manager