Photos with soul and videos with personality!

Image and video to tell your story

Audiovisual communication for you

Entramos en un entorno con posibilidades infinitas y de gran impacto competitivo. Trabajamos videos y fotografía  para  compañías, negocios, autónomos o particulares. Efectuamos nuestras creaciones con contenido de calidad, logrando que te vean como el experto que eres en tu sector.

Desde Buencom Audiovisual apostamos por la creatividad y fuerza que desprende tu marca.


Graphic reporting

Cover fairs and events through photography and/or video. Also can offer the possibility to send to an editor or a journalist to make a chronicle of everything happening in the halls that day.

Product catalog

Photograph and/or video of shops, services, products. It can be either a restaurant picture, videos of clinic therapies,  the dishes of a bar menu, as the product catalog of a jewelry store.

Corporate video

Corporate videos for internal communications, Web ads, tutorial products, services presentations.


Service Teleprompter

The teleprompter is a device that allows you to read a text while looking directly to camera, giving a sense of naturalness and avoiding the idea that you are reading a speech. We offer operator with equipment.


Personal Books

Books portrait for professionals who sell their own personal brand: models, actors, extras, various artists.

Editing videos for Social Networks

Edition and dynamic graphic videos for Youtube or Vimeo channels, for any field, whether blogs for youtubers, gameplays, tutorials, interviews, etc.